About My Journey

A dual path of pursuing spirituality &  healing while helping others heal using natural methods.

Mission & Vision
for Alpha Star Healing Services


To Serve Higher Wisdom Seekers Ready to Transform Their Life

MISSION: I serve by helping you

  • Connect with your inner self to transcend your issues
  • Tune into your intuition
  • Visualize your Higher Self
  • Accelerate success using Trinfinity8
  • See yourself achieve health & well-being.


A Search for the Healing Light

I remember the instant I rejected orthodox religion (in my teens) 
and began to search…I found the spiritual path I was searching for the same year I became licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor (in my twenties).

So began a dual path of pursuing personal spirituality and personal healing while helping others heal using natural methods.

The foundation of my life is my spiritual practice. This sacred path allows me to work behind the scenes as a spiritual warrior.

A Healer must be a Warrior

because they have to be willing to see, identify and assist dealing with the issues of the one who needs help…

Then help them
cleanse, remove, change and grow
through their experiences.

The only way I know 
to get through trials and tribulations
is to be willing to surrender
that which needs to go
and to replace it with understanding, kindness and love.

The Key to Life is always Love

No matter what else seems to be going on,
it is always a test of love.

Find your balance, energy & health
the natural way using Trinfinity8,
a technology which 
rejuvenation codes  to your body
coaxing its return to
a more vibrant, healthier state.

This state-of-the-art technology
can help you:

  • Raise your energy

  • Access higher consciousness

  • Heal yourself on all planes of being

  • And transform you
 in profound ways.

About Me Tools
& Gifts Include:

  • Learning how to use the Word 
to change, to heal, 
as a power of the Universe
  • Learning how to make natural medicines: tinctures and homeopathics
  • Common Sense
  • Ability to read people’s energy and underlying attitudes
  • Strong power of visualization
  • Nice singing voice (but no musical talent)
  • A love of dancing
  • Appreciating Classical music – the Music of the Spheres
  • Voracious reader
  • Excellent sense of humor
  • Being a mystic – the deep desire to love and serve God in all
  • Wanting to help heal those willing to take responsibility to change…

My Practice


2561-2 East Fort Lowell Road
Tucson, Arizona 85716
(520) 250-3871

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