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Trinfinity8: For You to Transform beyond the ordinary – into a state of Balance, Youthful Vitality & Well-Being.

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Initial Consultation & Healing Session

Let’s learn about you and what you want to achieve. Set your intent before your Office Visit so you will be clear about you want.

well being

Pain & Stress Reduction

Trinfinity8 helps release deep emotional and physical blockages, while restoring feelings of well-being & relaxation.


Energy Restoration & Alignment

Trinfinity8 helps balance your energy fields resulting in alignment & renewed vibrational power.

Cellular Longevity Using Health & Nutrition

Trinfinity8 Nutrition programs help promote cellular longevity while assisting with cleansing & detoxification of your body.

cellular longevity

Healthy Weight Management

Trinfinity8 helps stimulate your body’s metabolic processes to lose or gain weight safely & naturally.


Face & Body Sculpting

Trinfinity8’s experimental body sculpting option allows you to direct algorithms to problem areas of your body where change is desired.

physical rejuvenation

Physical Rejuvenation

Trinfinity8 helps send healthy messages to your body for vital repair & stabilization.

Experience Trinfinity8™ – First Session is FREE

The essence of beauty the Trinfinity8™ System seeks to restore …

  • Beauty at the cellular level with healthy DNA function
  • Beauty radiating from the inside out
  • Beauty shining through your physical form in perfect reflection of the true light of your inner Divinity.

During your first office visit,
the Trinfinity8™ session is included in the discounted price for the session.

We will spend approximately an hour together including your first Trinfinity8™session.

The cost for a session is usually $95, but because I want the greatest numbers of people to have an experience using the Trinfinity8™ system,
the first session is discounted to $55 which makes the Trinfinity8™experience FREE.

I. During your initial visit, first we explore what you would most like to change in your life –
this could be anything:
spiritual, mental, emotional or physical

  1. Where do you feel most out of alignment – what part of your energy system needs the greatest assistance?
  2. Are you dealing with pain of any kind?
  3. Think about all these things,
  4. Then set your intention before your office visit.

II. Next, I will make a call/prayer to Higher Power and to your inner healing to adjust your health, to heal the areas of greatest need.

III. Then, you will receive the Trinfinity8™ System experience.

A. Initial Sequence
For long-term results, it is recommended to run the Trinfinity8™ program for
an Initial Sequence of 8 to 10 times, scheduling one or two sessions a week.

How do I know how many weeks it will take? 

After eight or nine sessions, you will have a good idea of whether you need to continue with more initial sessions before going to a Maintenance Schedule.

B. Maintenance Schedule

Once you complete your Initial Sequence, you may move on to a maintenance schedule.
You can run your sequence as often as
once or twice a month, or
once every two – six months.

It is up to you…


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