Healthy Weight Management Using Trinfinity8

Healthy Weight Management Using Trinfinity8™

Trinfinity8™ helps stimulate your body’s metabolic processes to assist with healthy weight management. Digital messages are sent to help dissolve unwanted fat and cellulite. A research study showed people lost an average of up to a pound a week without changing diet or exercise routines.


Who Benefits Using Trinfinity8™ for Healthy Weight Management?

The Trinfinity8™ will probably benefit everyone taking a more holistic approach to their healing.

The rejuvenation benefits of Trinfinity8™ are 
for everyone and anyone who desires to 
bring their health, wellness and weight management to 
higher, more dynamic levels in body, mind and spirit.

In this sense, “beauty” is synonymous with 
wholeness, integrity of form and function and oneness of life. 
This is the state of wellness Trinfinity8™ seeks to restore.

Weight management using Trinfinity8 begins with inner order of your bodies, 
the healing and alignment of your inner body and 
its requirements for health.

Then, outer appearances are addressed and 
change of your outer being begins.

Because you are willing to correct inner imbalances first, 
changes of weight and outer appearance will happen much quicker.

Results Using Trinfinity8™ will Vary


Trinfinity8™ may help with:

  • Losing or gaining weight safely
  • Balancing body systems
weight management

Having Better and Clearer Energy

  • Detoxifying the system
  • Lessening or eliminating stress
weight management

Improving Nutritional Components

  • Improving skin quality
  • Lifting and toning sagging skin
  • Thickening/restoring hair growth
  • Restoring hair color
  • Lessening/eliminating facial wrinkles
  • Sleeping more deeply and fully

Bring your body into a more optimal function. You may:


Feel healthier and happier


Think more clearly and feel more yourself


Feel stronger, more alive, more empowered to be yourself


Look and feel younger, brighter


Feel more centered, balanced & connected.

How to Use Trinfinity8 for Healthy Rejuvenation
& Weight Management


Take time – do a Personal Self-Assessment

What does your body need to function with more energy, more balance?
What needs to be more healthy?


Now, set your intention…

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve will create the best results.


Initial Sequence

For long-term results, it is recommended to run an initial sequence of 10 sessions or more, scheduling one to three sessions a week.


Maintenance Schedule

After an Initial Sequence, a Maintenance schedule may involve sessions once or twice a month, or once every two – six months. It is up to you.

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Face & Body Sculpting Sessions


Face & Body Sculpting Sessions

The programs in Trinfinity8™’s experimental body sculpting option allows you to direct algorithms to problem areas of your body where change is desired.

Your first step is to take an inventory of yourself and make a list of the areas you would like to transform.

Healthy messages sent to the skin and hair help with vital repair and stabilization. Algorithms work to stimulate tightening and toning. Trinfinity8™ helps diminish lines and wrinkles on your face while giving your skin a more youthful appearance and glow.

People have reported skin clearing, brown spots fading, and skin tags dissolving after a few sessions. People have also reported a decrease in inflammation and swelling, clearer skin, and increased scalp hair growth.

Each program in this system streams mathematically precise codes of information at rapid speed. No other therapeutic system has captured the pure essence of such highly evolved states of wellness.

No other rejuvenation method can so naturally, consistently and powerfully accomplish:

  • the rejuvenation of the physical
  • the balancing and clearing of the emotional
  • the stabilizing and focusing of the mental
  • the acceleration of the spiritual.

The music of Trinfinity8™ features the use of quartz crystal singing bowls. These crystal bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz and emit a powerful, pure resonance.

The notes, C, D, E, F, F#, G, A, A#, B correspond with your energy centers or chakras, helping align your etheric body.

When you use the crystal tuning feature you will experience the rich vibrant tones, while you also receive digital signals transmitted through the quartz crystal rods. This gives double amplification benefits and can be a powerful tool for change.

Trinfinity8™ uses a uniquely designed fractal resonator – a fractal is a geometric shape that can be split into billions of parts, each of which contains an exact copy of the whole. The fractal animations used during Trinfinity8’s rejuvenation process are infused with the most powerful sacred geometry known.

Behind the scenes, layered streams of billions of binary codes of anti-aging information have been mastered to amplify the effect of the fractals. When coupled with Trinfinity8’s healing music and hand-held crystals, they function as a carrier wave to transmit digital information directly to your body.

Trinfinity8™’s protocol sequences are available for anti-aging, body sculpting, beauty enhancement, spiritual development and overall rejuvenation.

Note:  Start slow and build up to more time.  Some people are more sensitive to subtle energy.  It is normal to experience discomfort as change is taking place.

What to Do to Preserve Your Vibrant Health and Beauty

After the Initial Sequence of Ten Sessions –
To maintain your fabulous results, you may need to continue Trinfinity8™ sessions from once or twice a month to once every month or two. You determine how frequently to have a session.

Sessions with the Trinfinity8™ System go far beyond rejuvenation and beautification treatments …
You can access powerful inner healing, raising your vitality and radiance to more vibrant levels.

Trinfinity8’s rejuvenation technology provides wholeness, wellness, inner and outer peace, beauty and being your best self on all levels.

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Cellular Longevity Using Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

The Trinfinity8™ Health & Nutrition programs help promote cellular longevity while assisting with cleansing & detoxification of your body.

The Health & Nutrition programs help promote cellular longevity while assisting with cleansing & detoxification of your body. This System can serve as a stress-eliminating, energy-enhancing and life-preserving tool.

The benefits of Trinfinity8™ are for anyone who desires to bring wellness and joy of living to higher, more holistic and more dynamic levels in body, mind and spirit.

This technology can interact with and magnify your intention.

You can amplify the programs you run with the power of your mind. It works with and amplifies your intention to come into greater alignment with your Higher Self.

All programs help stimulate your body’s reparative process to slow the signs of aging, while replenishing it with codes to help cleanse, detoxify and promote your cellular longevity.  People report looking and feeling younger.


The coding in Trinfinity8™’s programs maximizes your body’s ability to self-repair and restore itself to a more youthful and vibrant state of wellness.

Trinfinity8™ helps reawaken the spark of life and youth to remind you of who you are intended to be and become.

The Trinfinity8™ may help clear away some of the stresses so your body can do what it is designed to do–heal itself.

This system helps adjust cellular longevity after exposure to:


processed foods


vaccines (contain heavy metals)


chemical pollution, smog


work stress


emotional stressors



The Energy of Whole Body Rejuven-ation

Energizing and Health-building Elements

such as oxygen & enzymes.

Rejuvenating, Balancing and Strengthening Elements

such as anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals.

DNA and Telomere Repair

Telomerase and 528 Hz (hertz) are completely natural to the cells in your body. Telomerase is the enzyme the lengthens the telomeres, the tail ends of the DNA chromosomes that control how long you live.

Health Maintenance Tips to keep you at the peak of your form:

  1. Hydration. Now you really need to embrace it, if you expect your 70%-water cells to stay plumped up with radiant health. Drink 8 – 10 cups of good water on days you receive a session.
  2. Nutrition. Eat More life-giving foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) and less processed (anything in a box, can, or bag). Eat more organic and less fried, salted, sweetened (especially the artificial stuff).

More Tips to keep you at the peak of your form:

3. Movement. Everything within you is in motion … from blood and oxygen, to cell activity, to atoms with their whirling electrons — This is the essence of being alive. So, MOVE daily!
4. Relaxation. This is in balance to Movement, and includes having enough sleep, meditating/praying regularly, and taking time to reflect and appreciate your life. These are all de-stressors and you know how toxic stress is to health and beauty.

Nurture and love yourself. It is the best health and beauty maintenance regimen for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

5. Attitudes and Emotions. The more fully you embrace and relish the youthful and beautiful you, the more you will embody it. As you become more sensitive to life-enhancing feelings and energy, you will attract more supportive people, things and experiences. 

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