Cellular Longevity Using Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

The Trinfinity8™ Health & Nutrition programs help promote cellular longevity while assisting with cleansing & detoxification of your body.

The Health & Nutrition programs help promote cellular longevity while assisting with cleansing & detoxification of your body. This System can serve as a stress-eliminating, energy-enhancing and life-preserving tool.

The benefits of Trinfinity8™ are for anyone who desires to bring wellness and joy of living to higher, more holistic and more dynamic levels in body, mind and spirit.

This technology can interact with and magnify your intention.

You can amplify the programs you run with the power of your mind. It works with and amplifies your intention to come into greater alignment with your Higher Self.

All programs help stimulate your body’s reparative process to slow the signs of aging, while replenishing it with codes to help cleanse, detoxify and promote your cellular longevity.  People report looking and feeling younger.


The coding in Trinfinity8™’s programs maximizes your body’s ability to self-repair and restore itself to a more youthful and vibrant state of wellness.

Trinfinity8™ helps reawaken the spark of life and youth to remind you of who you are intended to be and become.

The Trinfinity8™ may help clear away some of the stresses so your body can do what it is designed to do–heal itself.

This system helps adjust cellular longevity after exposure to:


processed foods


vaccines (contain heavy metals)


chemical pollution, smog


work stress


emotional stressors



The Energy of Whole Body Rejuven-ation

Energizing and Health-building Elements

such as oxygen & enzymes.

Rejuvenating, Balancing and Strengthening Elements

such as anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals.

DNA and Telomere Repair

Telomerase and 528 Hz (hertz) are completely natural to the cells in your body. Telomerase is the enzyme the lengthens the telomeres, the tail ends of the DNA chromosomes that control how long you live.

Health Maintenance Tips to keep you at the peak of your form:

  1. Hydration. Now you really need to embrace it, if you expect your 70%-water cells to stay plumped up with radiant health. Drink 8 – 10 cups of good water on days you receive a session.
  2. Nutrition. Eat More life-giving foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) and less processed (anything in a box, can, or bag). Eat more organic and less fried, salted, sweetened (especially the artificial stuff).

More Tips to keep you at the peak of your form:

3. Movement. Everything within you is in motion … from blood and oxygen, to cell activity, to atoms with their whirling electrons — This is the essence of being alive. So, MOVE daily!
4. Relaxation. This is in balance to Movement, and includes having enough sleep, meditating/praying regularly, and taking time to reflect and appreciate your life. These are all de-stressors and you know how toxic stress is to health and beauty.

Nurture and love yourself. It is the best health and beauty maintenance regimen for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

5. Attitudes and Emotions. The more fully you embrace and relish the youthful and beautiful you, the more you will embody it. As you become more sensitive to life-enhancing feelings and energy, you will attract more supportive people, things and experiences. 

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Whole Body Rejuvenation Using Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Trinfinity8™ helps send messages for inner healing to your mind & body for vital repair & physical rejuvenation.

Sound Healing is an ancient tradition.

Trinfinity8™’s Harmonies are Designed to Produce
Specific Effects in Your Mind – Body

Part of your physical rejuvenation with Trinfinity8™ system uses sound healing.

Using Trinfinity8, carrier waves of specific harmonics and melodies travel to your brain via your auditory nerve.


sound healing
Solfeggio tones are harmonies designed to produce specific effects in your mind-body. These tones have a long history of healing using sound.

The “Divine DNA Codes” set up a resonance in your body making your cells more receptive to the flow of information.  Each different musical selection amplifies the delivery of the anti-aging, rejuvenation, or beautification codes. Sound Healing happens at the cellular level.

Physics has demonstrated sound can determine how physical matter is organized.

Your Trinfinity8™ Session harnesses both the physics of frequency and of sound healing to deliver wellness and vitality to your DNA, your consciousness and your spirit.

The Trinfinity8™ provides additional information to your body to accelerate your own healing process.  The Trinfinity8™ is not doing anything you are not already doing yourself.

Trinfinity8™ can be used for pets, animals, and children and adults of all ages.

The Trinfinity8™ rejuvenation sound healing programs
are useful after exposure to:


Stress and social pressure


Vaccines containing heavy metals


Chemical pollution, smog


Car accidents


Challenging relationships


Work and/or emotional stress


Sports injuries



Trinfinity8 Used for Health & Beauty Rejuven-ation

Take time and do a personal self-assessment

What does your body need to function with more energy, with more balance?
What parts of you can be more healthy, more beautiful?

Now, set your intention…

Initial Sequence – 
For long-term results, it is recommended to run the Trinfinity8™ program for an Initial Sequence of 8 to 10 times, scheduling one or two sessions a week.

How do I know how many weeks it will take?

After eight or nine sessions, you will have a good idea of whether you need to continue with more initial sessions before going to a Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule

Once you complete your Initial Sequence, then you may move on to a maintenance schedule. This may involve running your sequence as often as once or twice a month, or once every two – six months.

The essence of beauty the Trinfinity8™ System seeks to restore ...

  • beauty at the cellular level of healthy DNA function
  • beauty radiating from the inside out
  • beauty shining through your physical form in perfect reflection of the true light of your inner Divinity.

– Try Trinfinity8

Subtle energy is very powerful. Believe in yourself as Ageless

…and all else will follow.

See yourself as an unlimited being-
-capable of incredible things.

Visualize and imagine the more youthful and energetic self you desire to be while using Trinfinity8.

Everything starts with a dream…

– Try Trinfinity8

The universal language of man and nature is mathematics, which underlies the entire geometric blueprint of creation. 

Everything has a mathematical code and vibrational signature. 
Reality is influenced by numerical sequencing, with patterns that resonate and repeat in cycles of time.

The ancient Greeks believed, “All beauty is mathematics.” 
The ancients referred to “Sacred Geometry” and regarded it as the master science which could tap into the forces of the Divine by joining the physical world with the sacred spiritual world.

Is it any wonder throughout history men of science have asked, “Is God a Mathematician?”

– Try Trinfinity8 – Technology Using Mathematics

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Reducing Pain & Stress

The programs in Trinfinity8™ help:

  • reduce pain and stress,
  • release deep emotional and physical blockages,
  • restore feelings of well-being & relaxation.

Many people report sleeping deeply for the first time after one session.

The options are helpful for eliminating and reducing a variety of pain and stress sources — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


They include:

  • stress relief,
  • emotional as well as karmic patterns release,
  • a sleep aid and
  • programs for helping your whole body relax.

This state of the art healing machine addresses a myriad of issues in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

Trinfinity8™ uses mathematical algorithms to change your inner codes so your body will self correct and self heal.

Trinfinity8™ is a tool to assist in spiritual work and physical health.

You may experience a renewed sense of energy and vitality; peace, calm, connected; anxiety dissipates…

Set Your Intentions – Be Very Clear About What You Want…

You receive information, process it, and respond to it on a variety of levels within yourself.

You can work with your Higher Self to:

  • identify the weakest link in your body,
  • then stabilize and
  • re-set the balance of your body,
  • thereby reducing pain and stress.

Trinfinity8™ is designed to increase awareness, to assist you attain self-balance while it works to restore your vitality.

Results will vary from individual to individual.

Trinfinity8™ may help with:

  • balancing body systems
  • detoxifying your body system
  • lightening your emotional load
  • repairing injuries
  • relieving pain
  • sleeping more deeply and fully
  • having better and clearer energy
  • lessening or eliminating stress

It may transition your system into more optimal functioning. You may:

  • feel healthier and happier
  • think more clearly and feel more yourself
  • feel stronger, more alive, more empowered to be yourself
  • feel more centered, balanced & connected.

This amazing system is a gift of grace.

You might move beautifully through pretty difficult grief or other very heavy issues including being able to reduce pain and stress. Tthis technology seems to carry the energies of forgiveness.

Life is a multi-level experience.

Be a Buddha and expect nothing…

The KEY is 
to just stay in the zone where you 
welcome an inner dialogue with your Higher Self.


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