The programs in Trinfinity8™’s Energy Restoration Alignment program help to balance:

  • your energy centers,
  • your auric field,
  • resulting in increased energy alignment with renewed vibrational power.

People have reported experiencing increased energy, libido, physical strength, and creative inspiration.

The Energy Restoration & Alignment program is totally holistic.

This program supports
energy enhancement physiologically as well as energetically via:

  • your energy centers (chakras) and aura, and
    spiritually via:
  • restoration of chi flow and helping you reconnect with your Divine nature.


Frequency of Use

The Trinfinity8™ Rejuvenation & Restoration System
delivers algorithmic frequency codes of rejuvenating instructions
to the cells through three of your body’s five sensory channels,
as well as through your acupuncture meridians.

Once to twice weekly sessions of 30-60 minutes is ideal.
Results vary depending on you and the frequency of use.

The Trinfinity8™ technology is designed to address a wide range of purposes, from the physical to the psychological, mental and emotional, to the spiritual planes.


Results will vary between people.

Trinfinity8™ may help with:

  • balancing all your body systems
  • detoxifying your body
  • increasing emotional balance
  • sleeping more deeply and fully
  • having better and clearer energy
  • lessening the stress you experience.

It may transition your system into a more optimal function. You may:

  • think more clearly and feel more yourself
  • feel stronger, more alive, more empowered to be yourself
  • feel more centered, balanced & connected.

The amped-up speed of life these days causes so much stress for everyone.

Trinfinity8™ can help raise your vibrations to match this speed,
making your journey more peaceful and in harmony with the evolution of your consciousness.

Be neutral and expect nothing.

Keep yourself open and stay in a place where you welcome an inner dialogue with your Higher Self.

This is the real key.

Sit with your experience and see what happens, have no expectations.

This amazing system is literally a gift of grace.

It is such a blessing!

Set Your Intentions – Be Very Clear About What You Want…

Trinfinity8™ is here to reawaken the spark of life and youth,
for you and for the environment,
to remind you of who you are intended to be and become.

It works with and amplifies your intention
to come into greater alignment with
your Higher Self.

The waves of DNA rejuvenation travel through your body are further enhanced by
your positive intentions to live a fuller, more vibrant life.

you can retain the wisdom and
recapture the vitality and unique inner beauty –
the very best of all you are!

Trinfinity8™ opens the door to more harmony and integration.
Aligning the many levels of yourself – body, mind, and spirit –
it infuses your path with more integrity, vitality, and grace –
the way life is meant to be.

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