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What is the Trinfinity8™ and how does it work?

It’s a health and beauty aid designed by Dr Kathi Forti. Feel free to check out the website
for a full description of the mathematical algorithms that produce the vibrational healing.

How is the Trinfinity8™ different from a Rife Generator or any other frequency generator?

The frequencies generated on a Rife deliver a single frequency or sequence of frequencies that target a particular organ, symptom or parasite, for example. They may or may not be the exact frequencies needed.

In contrast, Trinfinity8™ delivers information to the body in the form of mathematical codes, rather than a single-frequency format.

Trinfinity8 does not target disease states or individual organs. Trinfinity8™ supports cellular and system functions by delivering information to support your body’s healing process.

Frequency generators do not have the audio and visual components which further enhance the coding.

What Makes Trinfinity8™ Different from Other Bio-Energetic Devices?
  • Over 5,000 Bio-Energetic Rejuvenation Formulas
  • A Quantum Interface to Magnify User Intent –
  • This system is interactive with your intention – your thoughts and emotions are key to achieving and maintaining positive outcomes.
  • Mathematical Binary Substance Coding –
    Trinfinity8™ uses computer processing speed to transmit mathematical code sequencing to your body, much like your DNA.
  • A Fractal Amplification Resonator –
    enlightenment is the charge you attract when your thought patterns are fractal.
  • Trinfinity8™ technology allows fractal fields to bond and become one with the rejuvenation formulas encoded within the program.
  • Sacred Geometry Infusion –
    Ancient mathematical formulas encompassing all of nature 
have been interwoven into the matrix of Trinfinity8™.
  • Pure Solfeggio Sound Tones & Harmonic Crystal Tuning –
    Research shows these ancient tones have the capacity to assist regeneration, transformation and  activate DNA.
    These pure sacred tones have been used since ancient times to 
awaken a natural expansion of consciousness.
  • Quartz Crystal Rod Transmission –
    Flawless double-terminated quartz crystal rods 
transmit healing codes through the nerves, meridians, and hand chakras, 
flooding your system with streams of rejuvenating information.
What can I expect at the end of 10 sessions?

Individual results will vary, everyone will experience different results.
You could compare it to meditation.  Someone who meditates may not be able to explain what it is doing for them, but they know it is doing good.

Setting your intention is a very powerful part of the process.  If you are open to receiving healing in whatever form it takes, you may experience more noticeable results.
The Trinfinity8™ is a tool 
for aligning with your divinity, 
for awakening to your highest potential.

You may feel physically the progress of degeneration has been slowed. 
You may feel a greater degree of vitality and quality of life has been restored.  
Many users report experiencing enhanced pleasant mental and emotional states.  
Everyone has a different experience.

The degree to which you can achieve any health goal will be determined by how fully you:

  • Embrace the new energy you are feeling
  • Mentally and emotionally focus on the positive and expressions of gratitude
  • Keep your body well hydrated
  • Embrace positive changes in diet, movement and wise nutrition

If you look in the mirror every day and say, “I don’t see any changes”, that can work against the progress your system is making. 
Negative affirmations, emotions and environment can have a strong negative influence on the system.

It is suggested you listen to your body and move in the new direction you desire for your life with enthusiasm, hope, gratitude and love.

Will the Trinfinity8™ interfere with medications?

No, there is nothing in the program which will interact with medications.

When you are under a doctor’s supervision, you would regularly report any changes in how you are feeling, so the doctor can adjust your medication dosages. 

What happens if I interrupt a session and leave the computer?

You would simply pause the program and resume it when you come back.

Before you begin it is recommended you turn off phones, tv and any other distraction so your session time is just for you.

Do I have to continuously view the fractals on the monitor?

If you prefer to close your eyes that is fine.
You can meditate if you like.

In fact, you could fall asleep while it is running and still 
receive the energy through the crystals. 

The fractals work with the algorithmic codes and amplify the information coming through to you.  The codes continue to work on you whether you watch the fractal animations or not.

Trinfinity8™'s Advanced Protocols

Trinfinity8™’s pre-programmed Advanced Protocol sequences include programs for anti-aging, beauty enhancement, spiritual development, and overall rejuvenation.

Note:  Start slow and build up to more time.
Some people are more sensitive to subtle energy.

The success of bioenergetic technologies are variable. 
There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to bioenergetics.

Be sure to schedule “down time” at the end of your session for assimilation — time your body/mind needs to absorb and effectively internalize the new energies. Take a rest after a session.

Be sure to drink enough water to hydrate the cells to help them fully receive the information.

What to do to maintain your fabulous results?

For some, continued sessions may mean running a Trinfinity8™ session once or twice a month. For others, it may mean once every month or two or three.

Here are some simple and common-sense health and beauty maintenance tips to keep you at the peak of your form:

  • Hydration. Now you really need to embrace staying hydrated, if you expect your 70%-water cells to stay plumped up with radiant health.
  • Drink 8 – 10 cups of good water on days you do your sessions.
  • Nutrition. Take in more life-giving foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) and less processed (anything in a box, can, or bag). Eat more organic and less fried, salted, sweetened (especially the artificial stuff).
  • Movement. More closely captures the essence of being alive … from blood and oxygen, to cell activity, to atoms with their whirling electrons — everything in you is in motion. So – MOVE!
  • Relaxation. This is in balance to Movement. Relaxation includes having enough sleep, meditating/praying regularly, and taking time to reflect and appreciate your life. These are all de-stressors and by now you know how toxic stress is to health and beauty.
  • Attitudes and Emotions. The more you embrace and relish the youthful and beautiful you that you have created, the more you will embody it. As you become more sensitive to life-enhancing feelings and energy, you will attract more supportive people, things and experiences.
  • Nurture and love yourself. This is the best health and beauty maintenance regimen for your body, your mind and your spirit.
How long will it take to notice results?

Not all results will be as obvious as others.

The program is designed to repair from the cellular level, not to merely sculpt the outer layer.

Are there any health conditions that are contraindicated?

Pregnancy is not the right time for this program.

Having a pacemaker is also contraindicated.

Are there any blood tests that can show it’s working?

There is a blood test that determines the functional age of your DNA. Getting this lab test done before and after your series of sessions may be of interest.

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