Are You a Proponent of Natural Healing?

Tucson is full of people who pursue alternative life choices. You might have tried various alternative practitioners, alternative therapies, supplements and modalities. Maybe what you really need help with has not yet been fully addressed. Somehow things are not yet right with you.

But you are ready to be transformed…
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Pain & Stress Reduction

Get help to release deep emotional and physical blockages, while you experience restoration of feelings of well-being & relaxation.

Weight Management

Your body’s metabolic processes are stimulated so you can lose or gain weight safely & naturally.

Longevity Using Health & Nutrition

Nutrition programs help promote cellular longevity while assisting with cleansing and detoxification of your body.

Health and Healing –
What Does It Mean to You?

In AlphaStar Healing Services we offer a unique form of help
using a specific healing modality.

This new technology – Trinfinity8™ – addresses your health
using three different methods all working together:

1. You hold crystal rods in your hands
while mathematical codes stream into your body,
2. You listen to Solfeggio tones
– the ancient sounds which increase harmony and attunement with higher energies,
3. While you watch fractal visualizations – moving geometric figures.
Fractals evolve from Sacred Geometry,
the underlying mathematical order of the universe.

The fascinating aspect of this technology is it can help tranform almost any health issue you might have
including stress, mental challenges, physical pain or fatigue, need for emotional balance…

What Issues/Challenges Do You Need Help with?

The better you identify exactly what you would like to address, 
the better this technology can help you achieve what you want.


About Me – A Retired Naturopathic Doctor

I have been exploring the field of alternative health and healing since my teen years. I first began learning about herbal medicines, then I found out about the naturopathic profession, pursued higher education and eventually became a licensed doctor. I had offices first in Oregon and then in Montana. I was in active practice for about 25 years.

When I relocated to Tucson, the decision was made to not pursue being a doctor in practice. However, my drive and purpose continues as the desire to help others using healing as the way.


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My Approach

There is no separation between the physical and the higher planes of being. We are one whole person, and you cannot separate out the different parts of your self from each other.

The four levels of being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, all work together as an entirety, one whole being…When you are willing to work with all planes of being, you get better results and can experience a quicker return to well-being.

You might really appreciate this service. Give it a try.

Unique Spiritual Approach & Framework

I found my strength is an intuitive understanding of the health challenges people face. I tend to sense the over or under-lying problems and then I use what I have learned to educate and to assist with their healing. When I found out about Trinfinity8™, I knew this technology is what I can use to help people, including myself.

Using the method of talking directly to the person’s higher self, I address your Higher Self. I make a call to use this technology to heal your weakest areas. I ask for the assistance of additional healing masters as the need presents itself.

Experience Holistic Healing Using Trinfinity8™!

“Disease… is not an accident, not an arbitrary punishment, not always an “error of mortal mind.”
It is the natural and inevitable result of violations of nature’s laws. It is instructive and corrective in purpose, and will remain with us only as long as we need its salutary lessons. Nature Cure is a system of building the entire being in harmony with the constructive principle in Nature on the physical, mental, moral and spiritual planes of being.”
Dr. Lindlahr. (1913). Nature Cure.

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