Powerful Transformation will occur

in all your four lower bodies
because you use the Trinfinity8.

It is best to always begin change with the highest vibrating body

which is your spiritual or etheric body.

All physical issues begin
because you are out of alignment
in your etheric body.

When you start where the problems originate
you follow the right path of healing
from the inner to the outer
and changes in the physical body 
happen much quicker.

Self Transformation equals True Healing

Set your intent for each session.

Once you have a good idea of 
the areas and issues you want to work on,

then the best thing you can do for yourself is to 
write your intent as an “I AM” statement. 
For example: I am whole; 

I am open to healing;
I am healed of weakness;

I am strong and well…

Key Points for Transformation:

Setting your intention is part of your healing.

Writing it down is another part of your healing.

Key Point for personal information & Transformation:

Ask yourself:
“What do I need to change to truly heal?”

1. How is your diet?

Consider the increase in healing power 
when you stop putting these substances in your body:

  • Sugar (deadly and highly addictive)
  • Coffee (hard on your liver and nervous system)
  • All foods you are allergic to
  • Chemicals in the form of herbicides/pesticides/insecticides
    = eat organic foods as much as possible
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs including marijuana
  • Chocolate (interrupts your spiritual progress
 and your body has to regroup every time you indulge.)

2. How are your emotions?

The emotional body of everyone is the largest body (of your four lower bodies) 
and takes work to change…

3. Where are your weakest areas – 
your points of greatest vulnerability?

Listen to and note 

when you are prompted with revelations about yourself

. This is your inner voice telling you things you need to know…

Transformation means change –
You can make it hard or easy for yourself.

– Resistance to change will make it harder

Being willing to surrender
whatever you no longer need is
the best thing you can do for yourself.

There is the Violet Flame

The most physical and the easiest energy
 you can use
to create change in your life.

  • Learn about the violet flame decrees
  • Give 15 minutes of violet flame decrees daily
    and you can speed up
  • Balancing your personal karma
    which is behind all issues….

Sessions with this new technology
the Trinfinity 8

will increase the speed of your personal transformation.

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