PLEASE READ before your session:

Things for You to Know

During your visit:

  1. Remove: all metal jewelry, your cell phone, EMF protective devices from your body.
  2. Stay open to energy flow by keeping your arms and legs uncrossed.
  3. Bring WATER with you. 
Be sure to drink 8 x 8 oz. of water daily, especially the day of your session.

  4. Headphones are required for listening during the session.

    You can bring your own. OR they will be provided. (Office headphones are cleaned after each use.)

  5. Drink lots of water…. I know, I know, this is to make sure you remember…


  1. The crystal rods are wiped between sessions.
  2. Only one person touches the computer or the screen: me.
  3. The chair is wiped down between sessions.
  4. Headphones are cleaned between sessions.
  5. The desk is wiped clean.
  6. Everyone should wear a mask until this situation changes for the better.
  7. Please come by yourself since there is no extra sitting/playing areas.

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